Our Facility

enjoy a culturally-rich atmosphere at our low-impact facility
paving the wayWe only benefit, never impact local tribal peoples and communities
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Shop a selection of groceries, sporting goods, household supplies, gifts, and souvenirs.
shopping Take a peek inside an authentic tribal market, serving the local Indian reservation since 1995. Every structure at our facility was hand-built following traditional methods of construction centuries-old. Specializing in groceries and sporting and outdoor goods, Tippy's offers a wide variety of products for your shopping needs.

Open daily from 7am til 11pm.
Ejoy on-site wildlife habitats both natural and man-made.
sightseeing Stop in for a moment and gaze out from our 110' multi-level sightseeing areas. A covered upper lounge offers a magnificent view of the Florida Everglades while the lower deck offers a water's edge view of Everglades wildlife. On-site habitats as well as manmade give your group the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Accessible daily from 7am til dusk.
Enjoy a diverse menu of modern and traditional favorites from Angus burgers to Indian hot dogs to side salads.
dining Grab a bite to eat at our on-site dining venue, Big Cypress Grill. Serving up modern and traditional favorites, let an atmosphere influenced by nature and tribal architecture envelop your group. Enjoy spectacular waterfront views from atop our covered outdoor lounge or sit right by the water's edge.

Open daily from 11am til 5pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Limited menu. Hours may vary.
Did you know our facility is just one tribal business? There are many others! Visit local shops and general stores in the area for a true local feel. Visit the local village for live alligator wrestling and basketweaving followed by a stop at the official museum. Looking for a high-end activity? Visit the nearby art gallery. All these destinations and more are between five and 15 minutes from our facility!
local discovery The local market has always been more than just a shop. Generations of tribal families shop here, it is a place for community engagement where locals post community events and gatherings and promote their services to others. Seasonally tribal merchants sell various handmade goods from our lot to other locals and travelers alike. Pick up a free local travel guide today for new travel destinations, safe and abundant wildlife viewing, cultural activities, and more.
proudly serving the tribal communityYour tour fare sustains and develops the local market
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