Set your own course and explore where Everglades National Park meets Big Cypress Preserve Enjoy the whole boat with just your group and your captain as your personal guide

Embark on an Everglades adventure all your own! Reserve the entire vessel just for your group and chart your own course. Learn the history of the land, the culture of the locals, and most of all how much fun an airboat cruise in the Everglades can be!

Enjoy after-tour extras including access to our facility, complimentary refreshments, and authentic, local souvenirs.

1-hour private tour your everglades adventure awaits
Reserve your own group vessel and set your own course. Explore a remote island, see wildlife, or just sit back at cruise the Florida Everglades. Complimentary refreshments. After-tour extras.
2 - 7 passengers from $150/group
90-minute private tour your everglades outing awaits
This tour is currently unavailable. Please check back soon!
2 - 7 passengers from $275/group
cruise Climb aboard a vessel reserved just for your group and head into the untamed Florida Everglades with an experienced captain as guide! Explore where Everglades National Park meets Big Cypress National Preserve for a private, guided experience your group is sure to remember.
Our 18' tour vessel is powered by a vortex of air generated by a 5500-RPM Chevrolet® 454 engine. Get comfortable across two rows of padded seats featuring an elevated co-pilot seat for an elevated sightseeing experience. Safety railing and skid-proof decking line line our vessel from bow to stern. Enjoy chilled refreshments and the knowledge your vessel is equipped with emergency supplies and communications.
Visit an authentic Indian village on a remote island in the Florida Everglades! Explore the island trails, walk under authentic tribal housing structures, learn about indigenous culture at a historical location.

Other points-of-interest (non-embarking) include remote fixtures hidden in the Everglades such as old bridges or quarry pits.
embark Visit a remote island and explore on-foot with your captain as a guided mini-tour or free-roam with your group. Authentic tribal architecture and island wildlife welcome your group on arrival.
discover Learn about the wonder that is the Florida Everglades as well as the rich local history of Native American tribes. Witness the awe and beauty of world-famous Everglades wildlife including the American alligator.
Our facility, Tippy's Outpost is an authentic tribal market serving an Indian reservation between Naples and Miami since 1995. Handbuilt by tribal members following traditional methods of construction, our original building still welcomes your group today. Shop the local market for authentic local goods, souvenirs, and more. Sightsee on our elevated waterfront sightseeing areas or by on-site wildlife habitats, natural and man-made. A local dining hotspot.
What's Included
  • 1-hour private airboat adventureCustomize your itinerary
  • waterfront diningYour group dines for free
  • extended wildlife narrationA few extra minutes by our wildlife exhibits
  • all-day facility accessYour outpost in the 'glades
  • 10% on-site discountsHungry?
NOTE: On-site dining is currently unavailable. Back up soon!
Why book with us
  • see Everglades Nat'l ParkBeat the crowds with a private tour
  • private group cruiseYour private Everglades outing awaits
  • guided historic tourIn-depth narration and historically-significant destinations
  • after-tour optionsIntroducing your group to new travel destinations, local wildlife and cuisine, cultural activities, and more
  • 5 years runningAn accident-free history of satisfaction