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Once-in-a-lifetime experiences that introduce your group to Florida wildlife, local history, and tribal culture Where Everglades National Park meets Big Cypress National Preserve, offering the best of both worlds!
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Get to know your vessel. Compact with seating for 7. Powered by a 5500 RPM engine.
1-hour private tour your everglades adventure awaits
Reserve your own group vessel and set your own course. Explore a remote island, see wildlife, or just sit back at cruise the Florida Everglades. Complimentary refreshments. After-tour extras.
2 - 7 passengers from $150/group
90-minute private tour your everglades outing awaits
This tour is currently unavailable. Please check back soon!
2 - 7 passengers from $275/group

historic island tour a 40-minute journey to a floating village
Hop aboard a compact airboat and head into the Florida Everglades to a remote island camp rich in Native American history and culture.
2 - 7 passengers from $39/person
multi-island tour a 1-hour journey to lost villages
This tour is currently unavailable. Please check back soon!
1 - 10 passengers from $49/person
Our tours show you around the pristine Florida Everglades, bordered by a national park and preserve offering a natural sanctuary thriving with wildlife and history. Learn about regions [R] including areas that encompass, border, or overlap the navigatable area and destinations [D] where you can embark and explore on foot*.
Everglades National Park [R] See the best the park has to offer, diverse plant and animal life including the world famous American alligator!
Great Florida Bird & Wildlife Trail [R] Many unique and beautiful birds call the Everglades their home including the bald eagle.
Francis Taylor Wildlife Management Area [R] Home to historic islands and many species of Everglades wildlife.
Big Cypress National Preserve [R] Tall, majestic forests of Cypress guard the eastern border of the preserve, parallel to accessible tour routes.
Historic Island Camp [D] Hidden in the Everglades, island camps like the one we visit contributed majorly to the survival and settlement of Native Americans in the Everglades.
Other Locations [D] Other points-of-interest (non-embarking) include remote fixtures hidden in the Everglades, such as old bridges.
Our top 10 reasons why to choose Eco-Tours by Airboat at Tippy's Outpost
  • 1.) tour everglades national parkWe operate on the border of the park and a national preserve offering the best of both worlds
  • 2.) enjoy a private group cruisePrivate tours reserve the entire boat just for your group
  • 3.) learn on a guided historic tourIn-depth narration at impressive, historically-significant locations often make the tour
  • 4.) after-tour optionsLet our facility introduce your group to new travel destinations, local wildlife and cuisine, cultural activities, and more
  • 5.) 5 years runningAn accident-free history of satisfaction
  • 6.) offshore destinationsSelect tours offer embarking for guided tours on foot
  • 7.) one convenient locationOur location (Tippy's Outpost) is right off US Hwy. 41, approximately 32 miles west of Miami, 69 miles east of Naples
  • 8.) pristine wildlife viewingIn-depth narration and historically-significant destinations
  • 9.) a true local endeavorWe are tribally-owned and operated in service to share and preserve history and culture
  • 10.) our guests love the time they have with usScroll down to read reviews from actual guests!
What our guests are saying
Well worth the drive. Happened upon the place when our other reservations fell through. Small air boat, took the four of us to an indian outpost in the swamp. Very educational and informative. Would definitely go again. Fantastic pulled pork sandwiches too! - Linda W. via Google+
Be prepared to have the wind in your face & hair and .... you will get a bit wet.... but....hay, if you want to experience "Florida" this is it. And you can visit an actual inactive Miccosukee Indian Village that is only accessible by Airboat, and see a nice gator family.... Momma Gator, Poppa Gator who happens to be about 60 years old, and 2 babies, ...less than a foot long. I didn't see Poppa.... but Momma and the 2 babies were out. Save some time to eat while there. Great local Native food. - Sharon T. via TripAdvisor
Upon arrival, we were greeted by Jack the alligator, their outdoor pet (as they call him) I was horrified at first to get on a low & open boat like that surrounded by alligators but, it turned out to be quite safe, and enjoyed every second of our tour in the Everglades! - Irena M. via Facebook
We were told by natives to look for a place that had small airboats because they go faster and can go through places the larger ones can't. The other commercial airboat places had packed parking lots and lines of large airboats. We nearly drove past Tippy's, but saw the small airboat and no crowd. The people at Tippy's couldn't have been nicer. - "Pppmomof3" via TripAdvisor
The boat only holds up to six people and my husband and I were the only two passengers on the boat. We stopped at an island, and as we were leaving two other boats arrived. There had to of been 50 or more people coming off the two boats! Why would you want to be one of 50 when you can have the boat all to yourselves?! Crazy! (I'm not sure how fun it would be to be in a middle row in the center of the row!) Our captain, Carlos, grew up in the Everglades and he was an excellent tour guide. We were very happy to support this local business. Highly recommend! - Connie O. via TripAdvisor