What is eco-tourism? Responsible travel to natural areas that promote awareness and preservation of the environment and local populations
What is the Everglades? The Florida Everglades is America's largest subtropical wilderness, home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many unique subsystems, and one of the last largely undeveloped areas in Florida. Thousands of visitors flock to the area each year hoping to catch a glimpse of world-famous Everglades wildlife, including the American alligator.
What is an airboat? Airboats are compact watercraft powered by a vortex of air generated by a large engine and aircraft-grade propeller located at the rear of the vessel. Many culturally-significant locations are accessible only by airboat.
How does ecotourism differ from other types of tourism? Exclusively remote and outdooor, ecotourism illustrates deep bonds between the environment and local inhabitants showing diverse plant and animal life, often which cannot be found anywhere else. Responsible ecotourism ensures no waste is left behind and that local history and culture is preserved and local peoples are not adversely impact by operations.
What is tribal-run tourism? Owned, operated, or managed by indigenous persons, this takes ecotourism one step further putting control in the hands of the locals ensuring proper care of the environment, no localized or regional change in plant or animal life occurs, and that traditionally-run businesses and services are not beseiged by million dollar conglomerates thus protecting economic development and ultimately the livelihood of tribal populations and lifestyle itself.
Are we a tour service? We are a cultural information service whose mission is to share and preserve tribal culture while ensuring guests have a safe and memorable experience.

Get to know your vessel. Compact with seating for 7. Powered by a 5500 RPM engine.
VESSEL INFO & SPECS Our airboats are top-quality commercial tour vessels manufactured for cruising the Everglades. Twin rows of padded, non-slip seating along with an elevated co-pilot's seat welcome your group as you prepare for departure.
Seating Capacity7
Vessel Length18'
EngineChevrolet® 454 Big-block
Avg. / Top Speed25 MPH / 40 MPH
Deck Width10'
SafetyNon-slip decking, seating. Onboard extinguisher and communications.