About Us

In 2012 a small market on an Indian reservation set out to offer not just a ride, but an experience... Imagine what it would be like to explore a living musuem by airboat. One where history and culture come alive.

...that would become a service dedicated to the preservation of tribal history, culture, and wildlife. Eco-Tours by Airboat, a constant work in progress, strives to achieve this.

What we offer in an eco-tour is a cultural seminar made captivating and memorable by adventure, upclose wildlife and natural landscape, and historic destinations all of which let you not only learn but enjoy. Not to mention flying through the Everglades marsh on an airboat!


Eco-Tours by Airboat is closely-knit team consisting of airboat enthusiasts, tour guides, and sales persons working together to offer an exciting and memorable cultural experience. We are owned and operated by the indigenous management of Tippy's Chopekcheke, a small but growing tribal-run market serving an Indian reservation in south Florida. Tippy, the founder of the market was an avid airboater who would often take family and even some tourists out on his personal boat to tell of how things once were.

In the local tribe, stories and traditions are handed down by spoken word- this continues with Eco-Tours by Airboat. It is our greatest desire, second only to cultural awareness, that our guests will depart our facility with a newfound or greater sense of appreciation for the environment and its conservation.


Our service mission remains "to tell the story of local tribes while ensuring our guests have the best experience possible." The deeper purpose of our service varies as the gap between the unbridled ambition and goals of family management and the best, most practical and refined objectives are bridged. An overarching theme or set of goals would be "to share and preserve cultural treasures, rebuild traditional tribal economies and ways of life, and to help sustain, develop, and reaffirm the rights of tribal commerce across the US."